Ever Wonder Where Your Milk Comes From?

Most of us are not aware of the fact that there is huge difference between milk from cows of Foreign Origin (Such As Jersey) and milk from cows of Indian origin (Such as Gir) While Milk of Indian cows can be boon to your health, whereas Jersey Cow milk can be exactly opposite. A scientific research done recently proves this. Cow milk contains two types of proteins A-1 and A-2. While A-2 type of protein is extremely beneficial to health, A-1 type of protein if taken for a prolonged duration can be harmful for human beings.

Milk of Indian origin (Desi) Cows contains A-2 type proteins and moreover their milk contains important elements which helps keep up fitness and vitality, helps in brain developement and very useful in fighting dreadful diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

There is a research that shows by drinking Al(such as Jersey, Holstein) Cow's milk, which are predominant cows used for dairy products in India, you're exposed to BCM-7 (beta-casomorphin), which has been linked to Neurological impairment, Type-1 diabetes, Heart disease. BCM-7 is NOT present in DESI Cow's (A2)Milk thus eliminating possibility of these conditions. ALL INDIAN ORIGIN (DESI) COWS PRODUCE A2 MILK.

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Adulteration of Milk


"17th April 2015 Times of India reported that “a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) report showed about 24% of the 408 milk samples drawn between April 2014 and March 2015were either unsafe or did not comply with the standard set by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)…..The samples were taken from milk collection centers, tankers, processing units, local diaries and vendors and tested at notified public health laboratories. In Pune and Mumbai………Barring 15 samples, wherein the milk was adulterated with sugar and edible oil rendering it harmful consumption. The 12 of the 15 samples found unsafe for human consumption and if consumed milk can be harmful especially to diabetiecs and the others.”

Welcome to Our Gir Cow Farm

What is Gir Cow

Gir forest region is the origin of the breed and found in surrounding districts of Saurashtra region of Gujarat State. Brazil has about 40 lacs GIR cattle population. Gir cows have a very high milk yield. Today the breed is on the verge of extinction from India because Indian people are using more of buffalo, HF and Jersey cow milk compared to Gir Cow’s milk. High quality Gir Cow are available in Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Amreli and Rajkot districts of Gujarat State. It is a sorry state for us as we could not save more number of original breed of Gir cow in India. Today hardly 10-15 thousand original breed of Gir cow’s have been remained in India.

What is The Difference Between Gir Cow & Foreign Breed HF and Jersey Cow?

The indigenous breed of cow can be differentiated by its hump, horn and throat skin which are absent in exotic breeds or the modern species. Gir cows are beautiful and they are full of loving emotions when compared to the exotic breeds. Milk of Gir Cow’s milk is used as a source of high quality proteins and are rich in nutrients around the world especially in India. There is a risk of suffering from certain incurable human diseases in consumption of Exotic breed milk.

    We see prominent hump in all Gir cows. In exotic breeds or in other modern species the hump is absent. The hump in cows has a specific vein called Surya Ketu Nadi. This Nadi (vein) absorbs all the energies and radiations from sun, moon and all luminaries from universe and puts them in cow products like milk, urine, dung, ghee (clarified butter) etc. In Gir cow products this divine effect of Surya Ketu Nadi is absent. Therefore it produces A2 Type Milk and Jersey cow produces A1 Milk

  • Prominent Forehead
    The Gir cows have prominent forehead of round shape.

  • Facial appearance
    There is serenity on face of Gir cows.

Why Desi Cow A2 Milk

What is Type A1 MILK & Associated Problems
  • Autism, Diabetes-type 1, sudden death Syndrome in infants
  • Ulcerative colitis, Multiple sclerosis, Mental disorders, Cardiac problems
  • Parkinson, Obesity, Arteriosclerosis, Schizophrenia
  • Intolerance bloating, Autistic and schizophrenic persons typically excrete large quantities of BCM7 in their urine. BCM7 has pro-inflammatory, opiate-like properties and has been shown to contribute largely to a wide variety of chronic diseases, including autoimmune conditions, heart disease, autism, schizophrenia and various neurological disorders. Injecting BCM7 into animals caused Type 1 diabetes to occur. (Interestingly, the French in their culinary arrogance have always refused to use A1 milk in their cooking because they regard it as inferior).
What is Type A2 MILK & Associated Benefits

Desi Cow A2 Milk is like Nectar Or Amrit

  • It has amino acids which make its protein easily digestible.
  • It acts as a great impact on kidney.
  • It has a rich source of Vitamins like A, B2 and B3 which will help in increasing immunity system.
  • It helps in reducing acidity. (which is a common problem in today’s life)
  • It helps in reducing the chances of peptic ulcer.
  • It helps in reducing the chances of getting colon, breast and skin cancer.
  • It prevents the formation of serum cholesterol.
  • One of the best natural anti-oxidants.
  • After mother's milk, it is only the cow's milk which gives energy, full protection, growth and is easily Digestible.

Desi Cow A2 Milk has 25 types of minerals and Vitamins

Vitamin B12 - for production of healthy cells.
Vitamin A - for good eyesight and immune function.
Zinc - for immune function.
Riboflavin - for healthy skin.
Folate - for production of healthy cells
Vitamin C - for formation of healthy connective tissues.
Iodine - for regulation of the body's rate of metabolism.

The milk of humped cow is called A2 milk which is more beneficial, as it has micronutrients, like cytokines and minerals contains rich source of vitamins which helps in enhancing the immune system, gives energy and complete growth. As per the studies A2 milk is more good than the A1 milk.

The Indian cow does not require any antibiotics. They have to be served with food and water in every little time. There maintenance is zero. Humped cows have very strong immunity system and frequency of illness is more in the exotic humpless cows.

Start A2 Milk (Gir Cow Milk ) to your family and be healthy and energetic.

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